one week to go….

So I just finished by penultimate week at Capenhurst and with the company.  One more week to go.  I guess I’m at the point now where I just want to “get it over with”…. Although I won’t miss my job, I’m dreading saying good-bye to all the lovely people I’ve worked with for the past (almost) 4 years and have been trying to concoct a plan to escape without what seems to be the standard leaving presentation, monetary collection and “official” good-byes.  I’m still working on it.  I don’t want to be rude but I don’t want to be remembered as that crazy girl who cried her eyes out on her last day, either!  I wish I was better at saying good-bye.  I should be after all the trans-atlantic good-byes I’ve experienced in my lifetime!

So there was a night out this month organised by two of us leaving the department.  Robert has already left and starts his job with the regulator on Monday.  Good luck, Robert!  I really miss working with him even if its only been for a few weeks.  We had a lovely meal at an Italian place in Chester with about 40 people from site.  The food was great and it was a really nice atmosphere too.

scan0001 Capenhurst Leaving Party 037

Capenhurst Leaving Party 010 Capenhurst Leaving Party 002

Onto the Olympics, our viewing has been very limited with most of the events happening in the middle of the night here.  The coverage on the British sports television has also been disappointing, however, this has been made up for by Facebook updates – believe it or not!  Every morning before I go to work I check Facebook to find out how Canada has done through the night.  It’s been great reading everyone’s excitement at some progress that’s been made to the next stage of the competition or of the latest medal we’ve won.  The excitement is contagious and really sets me up for a good day!

In other news, work continues on Paul’s house and after a few long evenings there this week it’s starting to look like somewhere you might want to live again.  More work is planned for the weekend but we should definitely have broken the back of it after that.

And last but not least, Happy 4th Birthday to Paul’s nephew Josh for Sunday.  What a cute little guy.  Looking forward to the cake and general party-ness to celebrate.