one week behind…

I’m a week behind with my blog this time so this is something about last weekend….

We had the pleasure of a visit from Brent.  It was great to see him and to have a proper catch up.

On Friday Brent and I went to Marks and Spencer’s and had a shopping session based around some new wardrobe requirements I have.  (Oh yes – I have accepted a job offer from the Office of Nuclear Regulation so as of the end of October I will be a Nuclear Safety Inspector – Radiation Protection.  I thought I should have a few more very smart outfits to wear to work in order to appear as professional as I possibly can… )  I came away with a dress after trying on lots of different suits, skirts, trousers etc with honest reactions from Brent to help me make my decision.  

On Saturday we met Rachel, John and Beth and had a walk to Hilbre Island.  Although it was very windy, we had a lovely picnic once we got there.  Stella loved playing ball with Beth all the way to the island and all the way back.  It was good to see John and Rachel and get caught up on their news.  We must organise another walk together again soon.

On Sunday we all headed to Liverpool to do some computer related research.  I will have to return my work computer when I change jobs and I am able to use it for quite a lot of non-work stuff at the moment so I need to replace it.  It was really helpful having Brent around for our search.  Once we’d bottomed out our research, Brent and I carried on with part 2 of my “New Work Wardrobe for Val” plan while Paul returned home to watch Liverpool’s first game of the football season.  Once we got home, I made a Moroccan pie for dinner that night along with some oreo baked alaskas.  I was really pleased with how both turned out – especially the meringue on the baked alaskas!  

On Monday I had booked the day off to participate in a photography workshop in Liverpool Cathedral.  Denis joined me while Brent visited a couple of galleries and museums in Liverpool.  The workshop was a lot of fun and we explored the inside of the cathedral but also were able to go up the tower too.  I really enjoyed trying out a couple of different things – particularly HDR – and getting some thoughts and advice from the photographer Martin Birchall:  Here are a couple of my pictures from the day. 

 P1080587_88_89_90_91_92_tonemapped P1080600_1_2_3_4_tonemapped P1080628_29_30_31_32_tonemapped-1P1080626

After the workshop, we had some lunch and wandered up to the Metropolitan Cathedral.  Then it was time for home and preparations for another pretty normal week of work… 

This weeks blog to follow shortly….