on holiday….?

Well I felt like I was on a little holiday this week… I went down to Oxfordshire for a “Society for Radiological Protection” meeting about Tritium.  We finished early on Wednesday afternoon and went into the City of Oxford for some sightseeing and dinner.  The last time I’d been there was with Granny and Grandpa maybe when I was about 13.  Some bits seemed familiar but it seemed smaller than I remembered…. It is a very beautiful city.  I was there with a couple of colleagues – whose company was most pleasant- and we had a lovely meal out in a restaurant where a baby grand piano was being played.

Here’s some pictures from around the city.



In other news, the cold snap continues over here.  It’s been hovering around 0C for a few weeks now.  Nothing compared to the Canadian climate, I know….but it is definitely the coldest winter that I have ever spent in this country…(10 years and counting).  And although it’s not as cold as it gets in Canada, the preparation in England for this weather is a little lacking.  Last Sunday it rained all day and then the temperature dropped  below freezing.  Easy, right?  Grit the roads… And so it was.  Got to work Monday morning no problem.  My route was clear and ice free.  However, I decided to take a little trip out at lunch time and on a paved, pretty busy minor road I found myself and my trusty little car sliding sideways over a railway bridge that was covered with a pretty thick layer of ice.  On the other side of the bridge around the corner, a van had done the same thing and had spun 360 degrees in the road.  This was at noon as well – lots of time for gritting to have been undertaken.  I guess they just don’t bother….?  I’ve learned my lesson though from a very lucky escape with both myself and my car damage free.

Stick to the main road…