oh wow…

We were in the Peak District camping in a little village called Hulme End about 10 miles south of Buxton this past weekend. We spent most of the weekend walking in the dales along the rivers carved out of the limestone by the glaciers of the last ice age. As they receded, the glaciers left behind caves and many interesting rock formations which were most worthy of the “oh wow” exclamation bestowed upon them. The dales were also a bit of a wildlife haven for ducks (and ducklings), herons, fish and lots of wildflowers. We walked in both Staffordshire and Derbyshire counties and in the dales of Dovedale, Milldale, Beresford and Wolfscote covering about 27 miles over the weekend.

Today my legs are feeling like they have indeed walked 27 miles…. Just a bit on the stiff side. I even seem to have picked up a rather large (and very attractive) bruise on the back of my calf. Not sure how I managed that!

The highlights of the weekend for me were the riverside paths, the Dovedale holes (caves – see pictures), the meal in the pub on Saturday and the little “back to nature” campsite we stayed at. The only regret was that it went by all too quickly.

Peak District - Hulme End 045 Peak District - Hulme End 006 Peak District - Hulme End 007 Peak District - Hulme End 057 Peak District - Hulme End 021 Peak District - Hulme End 023 - Heron Peak District - Hulme End 050 Peak District - Hulme End 036 Peak District - Hulme End 069 Peak District - Hulme End 052