Nuclear Camping – Part II

It was off to Corwen, North Wales this past weekend for the annual Nuclear Technologies camping trip.  

This was the 2nd one we’ve attended.  It was a similar turn out to last year – about 20 separate camping “units” with about 50 people all together.  The field was smaller but the toilets were a lot closer so that was good for my midnight run. 😉  The weather wasn’t as conducive for sitting out late at night but I think we made the most of things….

We got there on Friday night amidst heavy rain showers and strong winds but managed to enjoy catching up with people and sampling the massive amount of food that arrived later on – pizza, Chinese and Indian again.  As other campers arrived throughout the evening, it was all hands on deck to help setting up tents and awnings in the wind and rain.  I think there were 15 of us at one point holding down corners and adjusting guide lines on one of the biggest tents which arrived in the most miserable conditions.  

2013-06-15 20.01.18

On Saturday, there were activities organised (steam train ride, white water rafting) but as they weren’t really for dogs, Paul, Stella and I set off on a 12 mile walk… which turned out to be 15 due to some (intentional?) miscalculation by the walk planner….!  The walk was well marked and had nice views and Stella was able to chase her ball in the “sheep free” sections of the walk.  The weather was quite though changeable with some hail, strong winds, rain and warm sun all thrown into the mix. I felt rather achy all over when I woke up in the morning and my energy levels seemed very low so that really slowed me down.    I nearly turned back at one point but did eventually make it all the way around.  I’m not sure I can say I enjoyed it as I usually do but it definitely felt like an achievement.  We both enjoyed the food in the evening again as well as “ad-hoc” entertainment (in the form of my manager Karen giving out tasks to the children and games for them to play and Ian sporting a very fetching wig).

2013-06-15 13.56.31 2013-06-15 15.34.02 2013-06-15 16.13.33

We were camping beside the only other people who came that had a dog (called Ralph) so with both dogs being ball obsessed, the kids on the campsite congregated around our camper vans Sunday morning to take turns throwing the balls.  Sometimes the ball got thrown into the river but wherever it got thrown, Stella was very pleased.  We all vacated the campsite before noon and we headed home with a very sleepy dog in the back.

I guess the recruitment philosophy of the company to recruit like minded people who “fit in” makes it easy for everyone to get along well and creates a nice open and welcoming atmosphere for these weekends.  We both really enjoyed ourselves and I feel thankful to work for a company who thinks enough of their staff to organise and fund these weekends.  Thanks NT. J