non-stop eating…

That’s a bit what I feel like I’ve been doing for the past week and it is set to continue until after Christmas!

At work, the office looks like a sweet shop.  At home, the baked goods have taken a hammering… There are also lots of lunches and dinners and general food related get togethers in the run up to Christmas.  Here’s a summary:

On the lunch front, we had a charity festive lunch at work today, Thursday its Chinese takeaway and tomorrow we’re out to the pub.  Our department is also going out for a Mexican Christmas lunch next Tuesday.  (I can honestly say that a Mexican Christmas meal is a first for me!)

When it comes to dinners, this past Friday night a few of us “girls” went out for a meal in Chester.  This coming Friday I’m having a takeout night with Rachel and Saturday night we’re making a (somewhat) traditional turkey dinner for 9.  On Christmas day we are planning to have Reveillon Tourtiere which is a traditional French Canadian meat pie usually eaten on Christmas Eve.  We will prepare it following a recipe Lauren just sent us.  (We will also be keeping our fingers crossed that our efforts result in something that tastes as yummy as the one she made for us last year!)

And there have been other bits of eating in between – of particular note on Sunday Helen, Harriet and their families came over for “afternoon tea” – not really a meal at all but a good excuse to consume more cakes, cookies and chocolate.

After all the eating, there is a pretty strong possibility that I might explode.  I hope Paul has got some very big, long and strenuous walks planned for our camping trip to Cumbria in between Christmas and New Year.  I may need to burn off a calorie or – more accurately a few thousand!

But to finish with something completely un-food related…. A *BIG* congratulations to Melissa and Dan on the birth of their daughter Brooklyn.  She was born on the 4th of December and weighed just under 6 lbs.  Everyone is doing well and I’ve seen the pictures and she is indeed a “cutie petutie”…  What a great Christmas present for them!