No more chicken and chorizo salad….

Well it was back to my hot pilates class Saturday morning this week after a bit of a hiatus…. I hadn’t been going when we were training for our challenge walk because it always makes me a bit sore and I didn’t want to do big practice walks on sore muscles. I was glad to be back though and felt the beneficial effects of my efforts the next day. I am going to try in the next couple of months and make an effort to go more regularly. I would like to be stronger and more able in the classes and it should also compliment the cardio training I do at home…

Before the class, I took Stella to the beach to enjoy the sunrise. She wasn’t too impressed with walking around the marine lake though and much preferred the beach. She was even less impressed when I asked her to stay still….


On Saturday afternoon I went to the Boat Museum in Ellesmere Port with Denis and Lin for a look at the photography exhibition that was being hosted there. It was a past and present take on Ellesmere Port which was interesting enough but I’m sure would’ve have been much more so if I was more familiar with the Port…. We also took some pictures of our own. These are my two favourites:

P1050795-1 P1050805-4

We followed this up with a meal at the Boathouse in Parkgate in the evening – haven’t been there for a while but it is always an enjoyable visit. Remind me to try something other than the chicken and chorizo salad the next time I go though! I think I’ve had that every time I’ve been there for ever…

On Sunday we had a nice walk around Arrowe Park. The sun was making an intermittent appearance in between showers. We saw lots of daffodils – no rainbows though!


Later in the day we also did some preparation for the work in the front garden by getting ideas in a local building yard – kind of like shopping I guess! When we got home, Paul practiced the guitar and I practiced the piano and Stella listened and all was well at Palm Hill. 

This weekend is turning out to be a bit of a “walk with friends” weekend. Stella is booked to go for a walk with Sue on Friday, Rachel and Beth on Saturday and Julie on Sunday. I don’t think it’s me they want to see…. Popular dog! 😉