neglectful blogger….

That’s me!  Sorry….

So – obviously – the big, significant thing that I should blog about is the fact that on the 17th of March, Paul and I got married…. and as wonderful as I feel this is, I am not going to write about that just yet.  I’d like to wait until we get some pictures through from the photographer so I can tell the story a little better.  In the meantime, rest assured that there was nothing either one of us would change about the day.

So wedding aside, since I last wrote there have been other things going on too.  I’ve now officially finished working at Capenhurst.  I was very apprehensive about leaving, didn’t want to get upset on my last day and didn’t want to have to endure the usual “exit presentation” that seemed to be customary on the site.  Everyone respected my wishes and managed to make me feel really cared for all the same.  I’d organised to go for lunch and about 10 of us headed out to the nearest pub at noon.  When we came back slightly more than the permitted 45 minutes later (!), I found my desk covered with flowers, a plant, a stuffed beaver called Fluffy and a certificate indicating I’d adopted a beaver in Scotland!  Everything was so well thought out and well – perfect, really.  Take Fluffy for example.  He’s got a work pass, a film badge, a criticality belt, a high visibility jacket and an engraved tag with my dates of employment on the site.  I’ll be able to keep him forever.

Fluffy 025

Instead of leaving in floods of tears, I left with a big smile and the knowledge that I’d met and worked with some lovely people and had managed to make some friends that I would keep in touch with along the way.

Leaving Capenhurst marked the start of 4 weeks of *freedom* before my new job.  Time is flying by on that one.  Obviously getting married and having a honeymoon were time consuming! 😉 But other stuff has been going on too.  The weekend I finished work, we headed up Cumbria to do some final wedding stuff, go walking and just have a break from the (now complete) work on Paul’s house.  (I will miss having our “excuse” to go up to Cumbria…. we’ll have to think of something else!)  We had a lovely walk despite required diversions from the path because (unlike the sheep) we couldn’t actually walk on the hard, icy snow up a steep uphill. Our hotel was fantastic with views right out to the sea and it was warm enough on Saturday afternoon to open the windows and listen to the waves below lapping against the pebbles.

Seascale 003 Seascale 006 Seascale 012

Brent came up to visit the weekend before we got married and we had a chance for a lovely walk up Moel Fammau, a spa day in Chester and lunch out with Helen and Harriet.  Skyping with Lauren and getting a guided tour of her apartment in Toronto was lovely too.

Wedding 002 Wedding 005

This week, I’ve been going to the gym daily, doing some shopping, cleaning the house (more thoroughly than usual time restraints allow), skyping (this time with Melissa, Dan including an introduction to little cutie pie Brooklyn) and being a bit social too with lunch and dinner out.  On Thursday night, I had an induction into the world of Bingo with a few of the girls I used to work with.  That was a rather hilarious experience – we went to Mecca Bingo in Chester and had fun trying to keep up with the Bingo caller, watching how serious some “regulars” take it, getting used to the 80s decor (apparently it has been recently refurbished to ensure it continues to look this way!) and winning £5 too!  I was a bit disappointed they didn’t do the *real* bingo calling (legs 11, dirty gertie 30, clickety click 66, two fat ladies 88 and all that), but that probably wouldn’t have helped with my ability to keep up with the calls really anyways.

Bingo 002

So one more full week to go of my life of leisure.  I’m intrigued about my new job and what it’ll be like, what the people will be like, what the commuting will be like, what I’ll learn etc etc.  However, I wouldn’t say no to another month off if offered!  I’m hoping that this coming week I start to feel bored about *not* working which might lead to a greater feeling of excitement about working again after Easter.  And the chances of that are…..?