my weekend, by Stella…

I knew it was going to be a fun couple of days when Daddy came home from work on Friday because we all got into Frank and off we went.  The drive took longer than it usually does when we’re going to the park.  I sat on Mummy’s lap and looked out the window all the way there.  We went to this place where we stayed for 2 nights.  There was a dog called Molly that lived there all the time.  I really wanted to play with her but she was too old and growled at me if I started to run around too quickly.  When we got there, we went straight away for a walk along a nice path with lots of new smells and water at the side to get in and drink.  After a while, there was this man walking towards us and Mummy went and gave him a hug.  It was Uncle Brent!  I was so excited I ran around back and forth and back and forth but pretended I was a bit shy at first.  Back at Frank, there was some food but not for me as I’d already eaten and not pasta as Mum had forgotten the pasta sauce she’d made.  Everyone seemed happy enough anyways although I think Daddy and Uncle Brent were teasing Mum about the missing pasta sauce….

The next day we went for very long walk along the same path as the night before.  Half way along we stopped outside this building where there was a dog on the picture and Daddy, Uncle Brent and Mummy had drinks while I had a little nap.  On the way back, we walked along some water which I wasn’t allowed to go in.  This apparently was called the Macclesfield canal.  I was getting tired at the end but I knew if I sat down, I would get a drink and a treat to keep me going so that was kind of good.  After my dinner back at Frank, then we went to another one of those places where Mummy, Daddy and Uncle Brent had drinks while I had a few treats under the table.  This time they had food too.  Another little dog came to say hello and I wanted to play again but I guess the other people there wouldn’t have liked me running into their tables and knocking their drinks over too much.


We were all tired and slept better Saturday night then we had on Friday.  I didn’t squirm as much because I was so tired and Mummy made a special place for me at the side of the bed which is just the right size for me.  I got to go out a couple of times in the night when both Mummy and I, “did our business” but when I got back I had to lick Daddy’s face just to make sure he knew I was there.

We went for another walk the next day along the water again.  This time the ducks were playing with me – swimming back and forth while I ran back and forth on the path chasing them.  I couldn’t resist and jumped in to try to get to them but the water went right over my head.  Uncle Brent pulled me out and I had a good shake straight away – I think Uncle Brent liked that.

We got back home and I got cuddles from Uncle Brent on the couch.  I’m not allowed this when it’s just Mummy and Daddy at home so that was fun. ( I’ll have to try getting onto the couch again a few times with Mummy and Daddy to make sure the rule hasn’t changed.)  Then Mummy and Uncle Brent left through the front door – something about getting trains.  I don’t know why me and Daddy couldn’t go too but I slept on the bean bag chair the rest of the night and Daddy watched the TV where people were chasing balls.  My kind of show too if I hadn’t been so tired.

Looking forward to another week of hanging out, chasing balls, smelling stuff and barking at the cats in the neighbourhood.  Apparently though soon I will be meeting Granny and Grandpa for the first time.  Mummy keeps telling me they are coming and I must be on my best behaviour.  Aren’t I always…..?  I will give them no choice but to love me…