My name is Alderson….

Just a bit of a weekend review today….

On Friday night I went out to dinner with Helen and Harriet to a place called the Olive Tree in New Brighton. It was a lovely warm and sunny evening to be in New Brighton and the restaurant was very pleasant. From there, I headed to Lime Street to pick up Brent who was visiting for the weekend. I picked up Stella on the way – she loves Lime Street and thinks everyone there loves her. It’s a little bit embarrassing, actually…. Psycho peeing dog!

On Saturday I headed to Liverpool for my Grade 5 piano theory exam. It was at the beautiful Blue Coat school in a very grand assembly hall. I am pleased to report I wasn’t the oldest person there and feel the exam went well. I feel like I have a bit of newfound freedom now that it’s done after a busy period of studying and preparing for things particularly this exam.

Afterwards I met Brent in town for a spot of shopping and lunch at Wagamamas. It was very busy as there were lots of people in town for the waterfront festival as the weather was really nice. It was so nice that when we got home, we decided to have a BBQ and even managed to eat our dinner outside. How lovely. It was also the first England game of the World Cup – but not until 11pm. Far too late for me to stay up but Paul managed it after a little pre-match nap. On Sunday we went for a big walk to Bidston Hill and Birkenhead Park. Then it was time to take Brent to the train station… Bye bye Brent!

Yesterday it was moversary so we went to Liverpool Cathedral to see the Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra play. The choir was also there too which I really liked. The voices seemed to float around the cathedral space. Throughout the concert, some of the performers moved around to different balconies which added an element of surprise and gave the music a stereo sound. I liked it when the brass section of the orchestra got their moment in the lime light, however, I wasn’t so keen on the very loud discord of the organ in some pieces.

I would also now like to report that I have 2 pictures published – one in the Wirral News and one in Cheshire Life. Unfortunately both publications were unable to correctly print my name. My name is Alderson – not Anderson! Is it really that hard….? Grrrrrr…..