Moversary Weekend Update

I really enjoyed the weekend. A weekend is always better when it is longer so having Friday off was a great help.

I took the train to Manchester to see Emily and once I’d met her 2 very cute kittens, we headed into Manchester for afternoon tea at this most amazing place: It was like Alice in Wonderland disguised in an old pub. What a place. The service was excellent and the food was lovely too. Of course, the main purpose of the meeting was to have a catch up with Emily and hear her news. Objective successfully achieved!

On Saturday, it was with some trepidation that I went to a new yoga studio in Moreton ( to try out one of their hot yoga classes. I thought the heat (they keep the temperature at 110F) might be a bit overwhelming and I envisioned myself fainting or something equally ridiculous. Fortunately, that didn’t happen and instead I had a challenging, intense and very sweaty workout. I’ve booked in again for next weekend.

As Saturday was moversary, we went to West Kirby for a meal out I booked the restaurant that used to be a pub called the Moby Dick and had kept it a secret. I went for an interview for a bar staff job at the Moby Dick when I first moved over here but I didn’t get the job as apparently I didn’t have enough experience. (I didn’t have any, to be fair…) I ended up working in the Eagle and Crown instead and I guess I’ve told Paul this story a number of times. It’s a bit of a joke whenever we drive past it…. So the perfect destination then for a mystery moversary dinner. It was fun playing guessing games as we drove there and Paul – eventually – deduced our destination prior to arrival. The food was good and although I wished that the renovations had been done to keep at least some of the original character of the pub, it was nice to see it so busy.

On Sunday we met Rachel, Beth and John and walked out to Hilbre Island for one of their open days. Stella really enjoyed Beth’s enthusiasm about throwing the Frisbee for her and we all enjoyed the post walk BBQ at Palm Hill. I suspect Rachel and John might be getting bugged to get a dog for a little while though…. The weather was nice and dry and relatively warm which was pretty good considering we had planned the trip months ago! A full week this week but it is the run up to our late bank holiday weekend so I think I can cope…. 😉