moversary weekend away…

Well after the disappointment of not being able to go camping the weekend before, we did manage to get away this past weekend to Betws-y-Coed in Wales.

I had a really great time and all key factors seemed to fall into place just perfectly and have lead to my conclusion that this was one of my favourite camping weekends of the year. The weather was reasonable, we chose two interesting walks with just the right amount of challenge in them, we went out for a relaxed pub meal on Sunday, we both had Monday off and to top it off it was moversary! What more could you ask for. 😉

On Saturday we took the train a couple of stops on the line up from the campsite and walked from Llanwrst around a couple of lakes and back through the forest. The first lake was Llyn Crafnant ( We were greeted by a beautiful still lake with amazing reflections of the sky and surrounding mountains – that was until the Collie bounded past where we sat leaping into the water to sit and wait for his owners to catch up…. Funny.


The second lake we came across was Llyn Gerinionydd Say that 10 times fast!

On Sunday we took a little drive up the road to Capel Curig and walked a lovely ridge walk from there include Craig Wen as the high point and touching Llyn Crafnant again. This one was the same distance as the first but there was a bit more climbing involved.


Now I may be wrong here but the campsite we stayed at seems to be marketing itself to quite an exclusive audience…. We decided we were the poor neighbours beside the posh caravans, expensive motor homes and brand new 2010 towing vehicles (Audis, BMWs and Land Rovers mostly). The site does have a field for tents but it seems to be closed most of the time from what I can figure…. The site managers gave us a loyalty card when we checked out though to be used when we return… so I guess the almost-30-year-old van with its rumbling air-cooled engine didn’t offend too many of our fellow site occupants….

So a shorter week this week and a weekend of DIY on the cards for the coming one. No doubt this will mostly involve me holding tools and following Paul’s most competent instructions. It’s all in preparation for the “proper” builder’s pending arrival….