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There are so many wedding photographers to choose from –it’s a bit of a minefield.  I don't know if this helps of not but when Paul and I were getting married we looked at two things:

  1. We liked the pictures that the photographer took. I’m guessing if you’ve got this far you like the pictures in my portfolio and galleries (Thank-you *blush*). 
  2. We also liked the photographer as a person. That was the harder bit to figure out.  I’ve tried to give you information about me and the way I photograph to give you some insight into who I am.  Have a look and if you think we might be a good fit, please get in touch and we can have a chat about your plans and my approach to the day.  I couldn’t do a hard sell if I tried so I promise no pressure will be applied!

No matter where Paul and I chose to get married there were always going to be people we loved that weren’t able to be there (because of the Atlantic Ocean factor).  We also didn’t want a fuss – so we went away just the two of us with our campervan and got married in the smallest church in England tucked away at the bottom of Scafell.  Our photographer and his wife were our witnesses.  We planned our wedding for us - and it suited perfectly.  I would love that to be the case for you too.  

I wrote a letter to Paul the day before we got married.  It was partly to record every emotion I was feeling and all the details of what was happening around me.  Being able to record the emotions and details are why I photograph weddings.  That's why I photograph most of your wedding in a documentary, candid way.  I want to get the connections you have to people on camera and tell the story of your day.  I also capture a few formal family group shots and encourage you to schedule in enough time for us to escape to get a few shots of just the two of you.  

Here's a little video taster of what you might expect from my approach...

All my wedding packages include coverage from preparations to the first dance.  They also include a second shooter – I always like to work with someone that can offer a different perspective on your day or be in a different place all together.   

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