mind over matter…

Well back to the routine of the gym and work and driving back and forth to Warrington but now there is the added bonus of lots of time for Paul and I with Stella after that. She is settling in great and keeping us entertained and on our toes. We had our first walk with her on Sunday which involved lots of jumping, pulling and a generally very nervous and very excited puppy. Looks like we have lots of training to do!

I had a weird experience this morning at work when I was standing at a briefing by one of our senior managers. After 45 minutes or so, I was feeling pretty uncomfortable and it was getting warm in the room we were in. I started to think how embarrassing it would be to faint and thinking “I hope I don’t”. Almost on cue, I started to feel a bit fuzzy and like I had a limited amount of time before I might just fall over so rather than waking up on the floor with lots of people starring at me, I walked out. I almost feel like I thought myself into feeling that way…. Weird, hey? Mind over matter and all that….?

I’ve got a trip down to Derby tomorrow – my first this year – to deliver a presentation to the guys in our group who work there. Other than that, things on the work front are pretty quiet. I’m still awaiting the elusive opportunity to work in London a couple of days a week but the contracts between my company and the one I’d be working at still need to get sorted. It’s a bit of an ongoing saga and I’m not holding my breath.

This weekend is Paul’s cousins 40th birthday so we’re out for a meal on Saturday evening. Other than that we’ve got a few things planned including Stella’s first trip to the park and the beach. Fun!