Merry Christmas!

Hurray! I’m finished work for the year.! We actually got an early finish today as the site closed down for the holidays.  I took advantage of an unanticipated “free” afternoon by having a nap which has now been followed by a lovely, warm fire.  A Christmas Eve feast is to follow shortly.

We had a few friends over last Saturday for Christmas dinner.  Paul’s precision timing of the vegetables, mashed potatoes, roast potatoes and gravy made sure everything was ready at the same time and to an excellent standard.  He was a star.  Starters and puddings were provided by our guests.  The sticky toffee pudding was my favourite….  The company and conversation along with the food meant for a lovely evening.  Here they all are.

Christmas Dinner and Snow 001

I’m looking forward to tomorrow, our dinner together and opening a few little treats that have been appearing under the tree and finding what others think of the little treats I got them!  I’m also looking forward to seeing Paul’s nieces and nephew and watching their excitement about it all.  Oh to be 4 or 5 again!

I will – of course – be missing the Canadian contingent.  It’s weird because I’m very happy to be here for Christmas but do feel sad about not being there. Somebody, someday will hopefully invent a way of being in two places at once…. Maybe I’ll make that my Christmas wish.  😉

In addition to the Christmas celebrations, I’ll probably be spending a little time thinking about the fact that tomorrow it’ll be 11 years since I arrived in the UK to live…. I can’t believe sometimes its been that long.  How things have changed for me and those around me in those 11 years.  I wouldn’t change the experiences I’ve had since living here for anything, though.   I’m very thankful to have kept in touch with people in Canada and also for the many special people I’ve met here.

Our camping plans for in between Christmas and New Year currently hang in the balance… We’re supposed to head out on Boxing Day but the snow that has fallen here recently could mean some pretty treacherous driving on those tiny, twisty Cumbrian roads.  Minor roads tend to just go untreated.  We’re going to play it by ear and whether we stay here or go there, it’s nice to spend time off together.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a healthy and happy 2010.