maybe that’s what Canadian’s are, neither one thing or the other, forever capable of becoming something else…

This is a quote from a book called “Still Here” by Linda Grant which I’m reading at the moment.  One Lauren recommended, actually.  One of the main characters in the novel makes this observation regarding his Canadian wife and her ability to adapt to life in an American city after growing up in rural Canada.  I’ve been thinking about this for a few days now and wondering if its true.

I guess I feel that I’m continually growing as a person and thereby “becoming something else,”…  I also think I’ve made lots of “life changing” decisions to get me where I am now and have changed in the process.  However, with some stuff I can confidently say I *am” one thing and most definitely *not” the other….

So maybe I don’t entirely fit the generalisation supplied by the protagonist in my novel, but here are a couple of examples of Canadian’s “capable of becoming something else” at least for the weekend.

First Brent.  While away in Ravenglass walking and camping this past weekend, his foot ended up looking like this:

Ravenglass Camping with Brent 016

So one day wandering around the bright lights and big city of London on nice, solid pavements and perhaps the occasional cobblestone and the next minute knee deep in a bog.

And then there’s me.  One minute drinking almost nothing but diet coke, the next minute downing the whole bottle of this:

Ravenglass Camping with Brent 042

But I’m not sure this changeability just applies to Canadians.  Because if you throw Paul into the mix, check him out below being all ghetto like on the top of Muncaster Fell.  I don’t remember this being a prominent part of his personality when we started going out?

Ravenglass Camping with Brent 014