May Day 

3 days off in a row – where did that go…?  I love long weekends.  This one was a good mix of busy and lazy so I felt productive but also relaxed…

On Saturday I went to East Cheshire and to Little Moreton Hall with Denis and Lin.  It was a quirky place which was suffering a little bit from subsidence – to say the least!  This is a picture from the long gallery.  We were slightly restricted in our photography as you couldn’t use a tripod or flash but fortunately the light was quite good in the gallery anyways.  They asked me to stay for dinner but before that Denis and I had a bit of a flash photography tutorial which was really useful.  I appreciated having someone to photograph lots of times and discuss all things photography with.


On Sunday after a really good hot yoga session, Jayne, Paul and the kids came over for some games, a puzzle and an (indoor) BBQ.  We also got a cake to celebrate Ella’s black belt success.


Yesterday was a quieter day with a sunny, warm walk to Bidston Hill in the morning with Stella followed by a pretty lazy afternoon.

I’m catching up with a few friends this week for dinner – the Capenhurst crowd tomorrow night and Harriet and Helen on Friday so looking forward to that.  My mandatory training at work also continues this week so I’m preparing for my head to feel full of all this new information.