may day productivity

It was the first of our May bank holiday weekends this weekend and it was a productive one at Palm Hill….

The most significant amount of the work in the front garden has been completed after 3 days of shifting sand, mixing cement and laying flags.  All of the “disruption” resulted in Stella exiling herself to the upstairs of the house where it was quieter and there wasn’t a hose pipe running down the hall. Funny little thing. There is still some work to do to finish things off – namely pointing, planting and building some sort of seating but I think we’re on the home stretch now.  It might sound kind of strange but I have enjoyed it.  I have a sense of achievement about the work we’ve done and it was nice being outside together working towards a common goal…


Of course, despite all the works, we still had to go for walks with Stella. My favourite of this weekend was the one we went on today to Bidston Hill. It was my favourite because it was the one walk we managed all together and I loved all the clouds in the sky….


I’m off to London for a training course this week which is an excellent excuse to spend some time with Brent.  Looking forward to a dose of the big city too…

And it’s less than a week to go until my rather last minute trip to Canada for Mum’s ordination. Yes, you read correctly. Ordination. And I have to say I’m very proud about it. 🙂