making progress…

Well since my last post I’ve managed to get myself to work for a full week… (I know, I know, I’m a trooper, I am!;-))  And the snow that featured in my last pictures is well on its way to being gone.  This is because the temperature has gone up above 0 and rain has come.  I might sound miserable when I say that I’m quite pleased with this weather change.  Who in their right mind wants rain and gray skies when they can have beautiful blankets of snow and clear blue skies?  It just seems that snow and England are just not a very good mix.  The rain and milder temperatures are much more “familiar”.

I’ve not done much this year so far except go to work and work on my RPA portfolio.  That means two things:

1. There isn’t much to write about this time and…

2. I’m well on my way to getting the portfolio up to submission standard.  Hopefully one last push this weekend will get me over the biggest part of the hump.  As part of the process, I’ve had a bit of a peer review from an RPA who has just joined the site which resulted in favourable feedback.  I also had to call one of the guys I used to work with up north for “authentication” of some of my evidence.  That was really nice, actually.  We had a great chat and catch up and I found out how everyone was.  It was a good time to reflect on some lovely memories I have from working up there.

Paul and I have promised ourselves that after this month of hard work, we’ll treat ourselves to a meal out, a weekend away walking or something else we both like to do.  Looking forward to that.

It’s going to be stressful for me at work next week… I’m not looking forward to it.  But I’m sure I will feel a great weight has been lifted off my shoulders when it’s all done and dusted….