lots of walking….

It started on Friday when after some deliberation (which amused Paul to no end), I decided that Stella and I would have a little outing to Hilbre Island.  The timing of the tides was perfect and it was a glorious sunny morning.  There was hardly anyone about and I felt so lucky to be able to have that walk after a week working quite long hours away from home.  I really appreciated it and it was one of those things where I was trying to store in my mind everything about it – smells, sounds, sights – for future recall.


The good weather was set to continue on Saturday so we planned an outing to Wales with the intent of summiting Moel Fammau.  The 3 of us enjoyed that.  The route was 9.5 miles in total but Stella probably did 3 times that with her ball chasing and circling.  She was bounding around in the heather on the side of Moel Fammau and saying hello to some of the other dogs too.  She seemed pretty tired at the end of it which always means it’s been successful day.


Sunday we had another walk with Jayne, Paul and kids this time around Arrowe Park.  The kids each found a branch to carry around and Stella was chasing her ball.  A woman ran past and said, “what a lovely family group – kids with sticks and a mad dog running around – what more could you want?”  Funny.  There was also a pretty important football game (apparently) involving Liverpool in the afternoon which resulted in some stressful moments and profanities emanating from our living room.  They won in the end after tense penalties so it’s all good.

What other news:

  • I had a surprise last week when Mum booked a trip to visit in May.  She is coming with the minister from their church and they are staying a few days in the Birkenbub before heading down to a religious retreat in the south.  I look forward to their time with us very much.
  • Brent is coming to visit towards the end of March.  And he’s coming early on Friday too so will be in on the sanctity of my Friday’s in front of the fire with Dawson’s Creek which will be great.
  • It’s Josh’s 6th birthday party this week.  I missed the family birthday party with being in Scotland but I get to see him on the weekend at his party with his school friends at the play barn.  Sure to be chaos.
  • On Sunday we are having another trip out to Hilbre with Julie and Stuart and their puppies followed by dinner.  That should be fun.