liverpool after sunset… and before sunrise…

Last Wednesday night I joined a walk around the docks of Liverpool with the aim of learning more about night photography.  There were 4 “students” and 1 teacher and we spent 3 hours around the Albert Dock and the Liver buildings learning different techniques.  I really enjoyed the opportunity to spend an evening with like minded people taking pictures and it was pretty well timed as our trip to see the Blackpool illuminations is pending in a couple of weeks…. Here are some of the pictures I took on the night:

P1020932 P1020956 P1020963 P1020948

Something I’ve wanted to do for a while is to watch the sunrise over Liverpool from “our” side of the water.  Seacombe Ferry terminal is the prime position for doing this and with the days getting shorter and shorter, getting out of bed for sunrise is more easily achieved this time of year.  So we went down Sunday morning about half an hour before sunrise and watched the spectacle unfold.  Paul was very patient with me as I snapped away and there is a small green space down there which was big enough to throw a ball and therefore please Stella.  I use my tripod most of the time and even used filters for some of my shots.  I was trying to use very long shutter speeds and make the water look like glass.  These are a couple of my favourites.  (I’m sure my Mum will have something to say about the fact that the sun rose almost directly above the Anglican cathedral!)

P1020992-1  P1030043

The rest of the weekend was spent on the “great curtain project”.  Mum and Dad bought the fabric for our bedroom and living room windows as a Christmas present when they were here but I needed a free weekend to really get into making them.  We have curtains on these windows already but these ones are much better quality with black out thermal linings which will hopefully help to address heat retention and summer light issues.  After hours of effort over the weekend they are still not done but definitely much closer to being so than they were at the start of the weekend.

A full week here including a longer piano lesson to make sure I’m ready for my exam at the end of November.  Yikes!