Let’s paint the town red….

So it’s been a bit of house focused couple of weeks but all the bedrooms are painted. Unfortunately, I don’t think this quite equates to half the house being painted which is the overall plan. I’m going for more like a third. Stella isn’t very impressed with all the furniture moving around and restrictions on her movements but the rooms do look fresh and clean again… I can’t believe we’ve been living there for 8 years now. I love it. 🙂

In between times we have had a couple of nice walks with Stella. I especially enjoyed Arrowe Park on a frosty morning last Sunday with Jayne, Paul and the kids.

In other news, work is taking me away from the office over the next few weeks. The meetings are interesting and it is a good way to get to know my new colleagues and see some new things so I don’t mind really although I am always glad to get home.

I’m looking forward to afternoon tea and some shopping with the girls on Sunday in Liverpool. There will be 4 of us this time- me, Helen, Harriet and little baby Anna. Should be fun. Oh yes- and the bathrooms are getting painted. Apparently. 😉