let them eat (3) cakes…

So today is Paul’s birthday…

And it was the 3rd time that a cake was eaten in honour of this occassion.  Birthday cake

The first cake was made by Lauren and eaten last weekend and was very yummy.  It wins the prize for the tastiest cake.  The second *cake* was eaten last night at Sapporo (a Tepenyaki restaurant in Liverpool).  We went there with Paul’s cousin and wife and other friends and family.  The *cake* was actually mango sorbet with cream and a  candle.  This wins the prize for being presented to the loudest, rowdiest singing of Happy Birthday.  NoteThere were drums, banging and lots of people (including the waiter’s at the restaurant) involved.

The third cake was eaten earlier today and wins the prize for the most food colouring used and the cake most accurately depicting a vehicle. Tongue out As you may notice in the picture, the blowing out of the candles today was undertaken largely by Paul’s neices and nephew who are rather obsessed with this *duty*.

Happy Birthday, Paul!


P.S.  The number of candles on the cakes do not accurately reflect Paul’s *actual* age.