Let the birthday celebrations begin!

It was the first of Paul’s birthday parties on Saturday when Jayne, Paul and the kids came over for dinner.  There were presents and lots of cards including ones made by the kids to a very high standard.  We had some cake and games of hide and seek too, of course. 


Earlier in the week, I took another step in the development of my photography skills when I hired some studio time and learned about how to use the lights and space and take portrait style pictures.  I have never been that interested in taking portraits in a studio but it was really good not to have to worry about lighting and just focus on taking pictures.  Capturing candid images though was quite hard…. I’d like to have another go so if there are any suitable volunteers who wouldn’t mind having their picture taken, let me know….! 😉 These are my favourite pictures from the session. 

P1040581-1 P1040614-5  P1040549-1

Plans to take a trip to Manchester on Sunday were cancelled and instead I enjoyed a sunrise walk with Stella and Paul followed by a gym session, some piano playing and theory, a bit of “proper” work and a lovely warm fire and movie in the evening.   

It appears that the only casualty of last weekend’s rather wet walk was my iphone.  It got wet in the pocket of my waterproof jacket (how does that happen?) and has not switched on since.  Fortunately, it is now with the insurers for repair/replacement.  It is a big miss though – surprising how you get used to these things.  I will be glad to have it back.  J