Let the 2017 Wedding Season Begin!

The 2017 wedding season started with a bang with Helen and Carl’s wedding at the Hard Day’s Night Hotel at the end of January.

The wedding day corresponded to Chinese New Year which was all part of the couple’s carefully laid plans… Early suggestions of an April wedding were quickly dismissed as it’s the fourth month and in the eyes of the Chinese the number 4 is generally disliked by people just as 13 is in the western world. I learned that this is because four is pronounced in the same way as death. Many buildings in China, especially hotels, do not have a fourth, fourteenth and twenty-fourth floors. When choosing telephone numbers and the vehicle identification numbers, many people avoid the number 4.

The whole event from the getting ready to the evening reception was at the hotel. It is quite dark in the corridors and communal areas but the room where the girls got ready had lovely big windows and the light flooded in. It was a bit of a tight squeeze as a one point  there were 4 girls, a hairdresser, 2 makeup artists and 2 photographers but we got there in the end.

The ceremony room was lovely and white which reflected the simple but lovely service.  Following the ceremony – because Helen was one of seven siblings – there were lots of family group shots to take. After that we escaped with the couple for 20 minutes or so to the Liver Building for some pictures – the light was amazing when we got there. Carl was especially keen to get some shots down there with a black cab in the foreground so I think that was a great result for him.

Back at the hotel for the wedding breakfast, the tables in the dining room were themed with Liverpool place names. The top table was called Goodison but there was a distinct absence of an Anfield table… 😉 There were four speeches – given by Helen’s brother, Carl’s brother (who was his best man) which included a poem he’d composed (!), Carl and another friend of Carl’s.

The downstairs bar area in the hotel was really cool for the guests to chill out in while the room changed from a dining room to a dancing room. There was also a sweet cart and bacon sandwiches getting munched later on. The staff at the hotel were super friendly and helpful.

I always try to learn something new at each wedding I shoot. At this one I tried to be a bit more creative with light during the dancing which was quite fun and I got some good ideas going forward.

Lots of love always helps me to get great pictures as does having a bride with a beautifully expressive face. I think I got some great pictures over the course of the day; here are a few of my favourites.

The next wedding related engagement is the Wedding Fayre at Liverpool Town Hall at the end of February with Funky Sunflower Events. Looking forward to meeting some people and hearing about their wedding plans.