less than a week to go….!

I was excited on Sunday morning to get my first text from Mum and Dad in two years that came from within the country. They arrived at Gatwick and are travelling around Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk (I think that’s the general plan at least….) before they head up to the North on Friday. I can’t wait to see them.

I’m feeling quite organised and on top of all *those* jobs today. The house is clean, the gardening is done and everything is lining up nicely for the week. Saturday we got on with these jobs while awaiting the arrival of the cable guy. Even though we were cleaning, it was nice to have a day together in the house.

On Sunday we walked into and around town and had a Subway Sunday lunch. I did some gardening when we got back and then enjoyed the delights of Skype. A chat with Melissa, Dan and Brooklyn early afternoon and then Katrina, followed by Katrina and Nadine in the evening. Fantastic.

We’re off to the Liverpool Empire tonight to see a play which is a sequel to one we saw a couple of years ago. It’s called Brick up the Mersey: The Wirral fights back. http://www.liverpoolempire.org.uk/prod-productions_details.asp?VenueID=99&pid=2384 The original was about a gang of renegades from Liverpool bricking up the tunnels between Wirral and Liverpool to show people from the Wirral how much they did need Liverpool. There is an inferred snobbery about people on the Wirral thinking themselves better then the Liverpudlians but still heading to the city through the tunnels to work everyday. It was really funny and there were lots of local jokes and references. Hopefully the review that suggests the sequel is “ambiguous and lacking in identify” is off the mark?