late summer bank holiday

Stella and I were on our own for the weekend as Paul headed off to Budapest to visit a friend of his that is working over there.  The weather was very good and we went on lots of walks to places such as Oxton Fields, Storeton Woods, Arrowe Park and Hilbre Island.  (Hilbre was our favourite.)


I tried out another couple of the hot yoga classes and did some shopping too.  Gardening, house work and baking was also on the cards.  Productive and relaxing in equal measure.     

Unfortunately though, I felt like a relationship with a very good friend ended on Monday; I finished watching the T.V. series The West Wing. I started watching it early this year and got increasingly hooked. The characters are great and although it was fiction, I learned about how the White House works and the potential pressures on the people that work there.  There were twists and turns, suspense, romance and humour in good measure.  Although I enjoyed the stories that were about the characters the most, the stories about political situations were eye opening too.  (There was only one story about a nuclear reactor accident which I struggled with – I didn’t think the language that was used and the response was that realistic.) The next series I’ll be starting on is One Tree Hill.  Hopefully that in some ways replaces the void that finishing The West Wing has left! 😉

Paul got back safely from his trip Monday night and had lots of stories to tell.  I enjoyed looking through the pictures and remembering the places that Melissa and I had seen when we visited in 2006.  Paul didn’t bring any sausages back on this trip though…. 😉