Kinder Surprise

You know those chocolate eggs that you can get and there is a little surprise inside when you open them up?  So not only is there chocolate to enjoy but the experience gets even better once you’ve eaten that and find the surprise inside?  Well, our weekend was a bit like that.

We went away for the weekend to Hayfield just on the other side of Manchester in the Peak District.  It was recommended by a work colleague and involved a walk in a very famous walking area up Kinder Scout, past Kinder Downfall and Kinder Reservoir.  The location was actually the site of a mass trespass that was held in 1932 by the Ramblers to improve the right to roam in the countryside.

This weekend, I really appreciated the efforts they made so long ago.

So back to the Kinder Surprise egg, the chocolate on the outside was like the weekend we’d planned.  Going away in the van is always a treat and no matter where we end up, we always enjoy ourselves.

But the surprise(s) inside the egg just kept on coming.  Here is a list of a few of some of them:

  • Our delight at the campsite.  It was a little gem and we will definitely be going back there again.  I might even go so far as to say that it is my new favourite campsite falling in the category of those campsites which are accessible from home in a weekend.  It was small and friendly and in a great location for walks.  The pretty village of Hayfield was a short walk with 5 dog friendly pubs to choose from.  Going there was like stepping back in time with all the old stone buildings and quaint little independent shops.
  •   Hayfield 003
  • The weather was better than the forecast which looked quite wet.  Aside from a couple showers on the hill on Saturday, we stayed largely dry although we did experience our first thunderstorm in the van.  And Stella’s first thunderstorm ever.  Scary stuff.
  • A mud bath during our walk on Saturday.  The top of Kinder Scout was very wet and with no obvious path, we both ended up knee deep in mud on a couple of occasions.  Stella did a very good job of freeing herself from the bog on a couple of occasions as well.  The ridge walking was fabulous though with stunning views, interesting rock formations and great paths.
  • Hayfield 011 Hayfield 013 Hayfield 029 Hayfield 046 Hayfield 057 Hayfield 037
  • Thanks to a discussion with our campsite neighbours, the discovery of the Sett Valley trail which was a path on the site of an old railway line and was an excellent recovery walk for Sunday morning.
  • Cherry bakewell icecream in Edale.  Yum yum.
  • The size of the tongues on Paul’s shoes.  Even he was at a loss to explain it although he did try…. Very silly.

Kinder Surprise eggs are named because of the German word for children, however, our Kinder Surprise is called after this beautiful part of the Peak District.  But I would argue that it was an even nicer surprise than any chocolate coated egg could be.