just a regular update…

The most noteworthy event of this weekend was the christening of Harriet and Pete’s son Hughie.  He was a star – all smiles the whole time – even when strange people were holding him and water was getting splashed on his head.  The service was followed by lunch at Harriet’s parents’ house.  Harriet’s Mum is renowned for her baking so it was always bound to be a calorific affair.  And it did live up to its expectations.  Yum  yum.

We also went on an organised dog walk Saturday.  It was very well attended despite the rainy day but Stella has become quite anti-social with other dogs when she thinks she might get her ball to play with and told a few of the more boisterous dogs off.  Think I might need to take her out without her ball for a few walks to reduce her *dependency* when I’m walking her!  Paul does this most of the time anyways but I think she sees my bag now and thinks it is filled with balls….

Here’s a bit of a list of some other stuff that’s happened or that I’m thinking about at the moment:

  • I won a weekend away at the hotel I stay in in Cumbria with work in a business card draw.  It includes dinner, bed and breakfast for 2 and I’m quite chuffed because I never win anything!  We have to use it in the next few months so I’m going to book it when I check in tonight.
  • I’ve got a couple of phone messages I’ve taken for my Scottish colleagues a bit jumbled up when I’ve been working away.  This has resulted in the assumption that I must think everyone in Scotland has Mc or Mac in front of their name causing much amusement.
  • My piano playing seems to be coming along after my plateau in performance a few weeks ago.  I’m back to enjoying practicing and the lessons.  I have aspirations to maybe sit an exam one day but we’ll see how things go over the next few months.
  • Haggis is tasty.
  • I really like the company I work for.  The directors seem to really care about us as individuals and it’s so flexible.  I can’t actually imagine going back to a big corporate machine again…
  • I miss Paul and Stella a lot when I stay away from home for work and feel quite guilty about being away and not helping out with stuff there.
  • Paul’s nephew Josh asked his Mum if he could have a haircut like his Uncle Paul’s.  Number 1 on the clippers isn’t really a great look for a 5 year old though.
  • I was waiting to use a cash machine in Birkenhead and I had Stella with me.  A very large, rather sinister looking man came and stood behind me.  He was tall, heavy set and had obvious tattoos and was someone I would’ve probably crossed the street to avoid if I was out walking alone in the dark. Stella decided she liked him and started to jump up to say hello.  I scolded her but this prompted a discussion about how lovely dogs were.  It turns out his Saint Bernard had died recently and he’d “never cried so much in all his life”.  He showed me a picture of the dog which he carried with him on his key chain.  My prejudgement about him was way off – you really can’t judge a book by its cover.
  • I like the pink flowery fleece wellie boot liners that Paul got me.  They are warm and comfy and are definitely a style statement.
  • Why do my cakes sink in the middle when I take them out of the oven?
  • The wood burning stove in our back living room has been getting some regular use lately.  I love how toasty and warm that room gets when it gets going.
  • A guy in my office is Canadian and went for a visit to the mother country and brought me back a Crispy Crunch chocolate bar.  Someone else I know is going skiing in western Canada next week and will be returning with red liquorice Twizzlers.  Little tastes of home.  Happy days.