just a little weekend update…

Well some of our weekend plans this weekend were a bit scuppered due to an injured party….  Paul hurt his neck when we did our walk last weekend.  It had been easing but some driving at the end of the week aggravated it so we thought it best to cancel the 20 mile walk we were going to do on Sunday.  The idea was that giving the weekend a miss should help to ensure fitness for the challenge walk we’ve been preparing for next weekend.

The change of plans meant I got going with my music theory workbooks and did some planning for my grade 6 practical exam.  I also had a good chance to play with photoshop and try to get to grips with that a bit more.  We went to Paul’s cousins for dinner on Friday evening – so much lovely food and good conversation.  Stella also went to the vets for a vaccination – she was pleased about that…

I still managed a couple of (much) shorter walks including one to a very boggy Birkenhead Park on Saturday.  On Sunday Stella and I walked out to Hilbre Island with our co-walker Denis.  It was dark when we set out but the sun came up and flooded the island in a rich red glow.  We were the only ones on the island and meandered around taking pictures and enjoying the morning.  Beautiful stuff.


Not too much else to report on.  We celebrated moversary last night with an Indian takeaway which was a nice treat and I really enjoyed the Tandori I ordered.  I’ll get that again. Not for a while though – diet starts today…! 😉

Keep your fingers crossed for nice weather next Sunday please!