joie de vivre

I have decided I could learn a lot from Stella… particularly about “joie de vivre”…. She is so excited about life generally – it’s quite engaging. Whether it’s just seeing you first thing in the morning when she pees with excitement and then starts bringing you her toys one by one in between trying to sit quietly for a cuddle. Or when she knows that she’s on her way to the park it’s full steam ahead on the excitement front. If I could adopt just 10% of her excitement in going about my daily tasks, I think it would be beneficial.

Speaking of things to get excited about, it’s our one year wedding anniversary on Thursday. Sometimes it seems like we’ve been married forever but in other ways it seems like yesterday. My memories of that day are so clear. We’re going away camping for the weekend to celebrate. There will be 4 of us on the camping trip this time – Paul and I, Frank and Stella. We are looking forward to a weekend away and time together. Hopefully Stella’s as excited about camping as she is about – well – just about everything else.

This past weekend we had a nice walk in West Kirby along the beach followed by an afternoon in Jayne’s garden with the kids. On Sunday we went to Tatton Park and met Robert and Andy for a walk around the grounds and a picnic in the van. Sunday was a glorious day and hopefully a sign of the spring and summer (and more especially the weekend) to come.