January 2012 😯 – Oops, I mean 2013! 😉

I guess we’re officially back into the swing of things now. It’s been at least a couple of days since I wrote 2012 rather than 2013 so things are looking up….

So what’s new this week:

We went to see a pantomime on Sunday with Paul’s sister and the kids. It was Aladdin and in true pantomime style, it was very silly, there was lots of audience participation (“He’s behind you!” “Oh no she didn’t, oh yes she did!”) and they even threw sweets out into the audience for the kids. Our adult attention span must be a bit short though because both Paul and I thought it could’ve done with being a bit shorter – but we still enjoyed the experience overall.

I am having a period indecision about the colour of wood varnish to apply to the skirting boards and the doors in the kitchen. I don’t know how Paul puts up with me sometimes…. 😉

Stella’s behaviour at her 2nd obedience class of the year was improved over the 1st class but still nothing to gloat about. Staying still for any period of time at all seems to be a problem. Although I’m pleased she is interested in playing with the other dogs, her listening skills need to improve – especially when it comes to my voice! Little tinker.

My dodgy knee is improving after a couple of sessions of physiotherapy so that’s a good. Putting a warm wheat bag on it is much more preferable to a bag of ice too I’ve decided.

The temperature has dropped the past few days so that meant a nice frosty walk with Stella on Sunday morning. Much preferable to wet and mud. This has also been a good excuse to make use of the wood burning stove and have a couple of cosy evenings hanging out in the back room watching movies and/or listening to music.

I had an annual performance review at work yesterday – apparently I’m still lovely over a year after joining Nuclear Technologies. (When I started they nicknamed me “Lovely Val”….) Well that’s good isn’t it? Let’s just hope that I’m effective at my job too! 😉

Oh – and to finish – here is a picture of Paul and I in our matching beaver canoe t-shirts that Lauren gave us for Christmas. Aren’t we cute. 😉