jack frost…

Well we’ve been lucky on the Northwest of England to have escaped the heavy snows that the Northeast and Scotland has received. We haven’t escaped the low temperatures, though! It’s definitely been the coldest winter that I’ve experienced since moving to the UK. -8C is the lowest temperature I saw which was in the car on the way to work one morning last week. Other parts are talking about getting into the region of -20C. That can compete with Canadian winter temperatures! But the little snow we had is all gone now on the Wirral – washed away by rain over the weekend to leave some very icy pavements.

We have had two near misses as a result of the cold weather. Firstly, some water pipes in the loft froze…. Quick diagnosis and action by Paul prevented anything bursting or leaking so that was a good job by him. And more insulation installed over the weekend should ensure that it doesn’t happen again! The old house just isn’t made for temperatures below 0C! Secondly, we went to the supermarket on Sunday morning and as I was getting out of the car in the car park, the ground that I thought was wet from the rain was actually a sheet of black ice. Down I went in graceful style…. No major injuries but definitely feeling a bit stiff from the effects today….

This week sees the start of Christmas parties with mine Friday, Paul’s on Saturday and a Christmas meal with friends on Sunday. The house is also now ready for Christmas with the tree up and decorated, lights here and there and the wreath on the door… The only thing left to do is to fill up the advent calendar with sweets for “the kids” (i.e. me and Paul).