it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas….

This weekend for us seemed to be the kick-off of the Christmas festivities. We decorated our house, the village had their light switch on and we had a day of Christmas crafts and baking with the kids.

The tree went up Saturday with some wariness on behalf of Stella. She wasn’t sure about the change and why should couldn’t eat the tree branches. But she didn’t attack the strings of lights or cause any other altercations so that was good. The craft and baking day on Sunday with the kids was great. We all enjoying making the gingerbread cookies and Christmas decorations. It was a pretty full day making lanterns and painting decorations and making snow men and decorating cookies. Paul and Jayne came back for dinner after their day of “freedom”. By then all 3 kids were absorbed in a movie about the Easter bunny (Paul was in charge of the movie selection, not me!) all squashed together on the bean bag chair.

It has been warm and mild here so far this winter. I’m not complaining at all but so far it is a bit hard to feel festive. I’m hoping the lights and the pending start of the advent calendar will help. There is also the company Christmas party this weekend and a meal out with the Scottish lot to celebrate the season next week which will help.

In other news, I reported last week of our scepticism regarding Stella passing her bronze kennel club test. We’re very pleased to report that she exceeded all expectations and was a star. Although it doesn’t really matter, her passing this test means that we can now take her for some agility training as this was a pre-requisite for that. The classes start in January and in our continuing effort to expend her boundless energy, this should be a fun way of doing it.