Inaugural camping trip of 2014 – Capesthorne Hall & Tegg’s Nose

Lots of news to catch up on but I’ll start with our first camping trip of the year. It was a bit late this year with the delay down to birthday celebrations and associated planning…. But we got there in the end.

It was our first stay at the Capesthorne Hall campsite. I think it is a relatively new site and it was very quiet indeed. There were only 3 of us staying on a site which could hold about 50. A bit of an undiscovered gem I think! The hall and grounds were beautiful and we had nice views across the pastures to the sheep and the cows grazing. There was a great view of Jodrell Bank from the approach road to the hall too. The facilities were also immaculate. Because it was so quiet, Stella was able to be off her lead and chase balls – something she really hates… 😉 The only downside was there were a few midges around and about when it was very still due to the two lakes that were on the grounds.

P1060590 P1060592 P1060598

On Saturday morning, Denis picked the 3 of us up and we drove to Tegg’s Nose in Macclesfield. The plan was a 19 mile walk on Tegg’s Nose and along the Macclesfield canal and reservoirs. It was one that Denis had done with his long distance walking club earlier in the year. The weather was much better than expected but we had a couple of showers along the way. It was a long, tough walk – the result being the 3 of us were asleep before 9pm that night. There were lots of bluebells along the way and the pace was such that I was able to take a few pictures…


P1060620 P1060667

On Sunday morning the weather seemed to take a turn for the worst and was quite hit and miss with the showers. We stayed around the campsite having breakfast and playing ball before we headed off to the airport so Paul could drop me off for my trip across the Atlantic….

And that’s where the next blog begins….