If Yorkshire was a country….

We took an extra day off this past weekend to spend time camping in Yorkshire.  Keld to be precise.  Our Friday night plans to set off early were a bit hampered by an incident on the motorway, so we decided to wait it out and left early the next day instead.  This ended up working out quite nicely.  After a quiet drive up, we stopped at a town called Richmond where Paul bought a really nice pair of walking boots and we got some food for the rest of the weekend.  I think that’s a place that’s on my revisit agenda…. A really quaint market town with interesting looking little shops and a pretty central square.  We then headed inland across some rather Frank-unfriendly roads to Grinton Moor where we did a walk over the moors.  Plans seemed to be well in place for “Glorious 12th” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glorious_Twelfth) which is the first day of the grouse shooting season falling a couple of days after our walk.  There were certainly lots of grouse about and we came across a furnished barn well fitted out for a post-shoot dinner and fire.

Our campsite (http://keldbunkhouse.com/Camping) was in a good location right outside the village and on Saturday we walked right from the site through Swaledale.  The site’s picturesque location right by the river though did have one significant downside.  The midges could settle nicely in the stillness of the valley so we are both suffering with lots of itchy bites today.  I think even Stella wasn’t very impressed with them and resorted to trying to eat them.  It’s a shame about the biting as the owners were very accommodating baking fresh scones shortly after our arrival and providing a evening menu for those that hadn’t brought their food.  Swaledale was a pretty place to walk through too.


On Monday on the way home, we took Stella for some anti-sheep chasing training.  One throw of a noisey bottle in her direction when she decided to chase seemed to put an end to her desire – for the day anyways.  We just have to practice now in other situations.  All the extra thinking and different stimulus really tired her out and she slept basically for the rest of the day.

Things are also progressing on the kitchen renovation.  It is looking more and more bare and the builder is coming on Monday to knock the rooms around a bit.  It’s all a bit dusty and difficult to cook in at the moment but I keep thinking short term pain for long term gain!  I’ll have to post some “during work” pictures next week.

By the way, if Yorkshire was a country, they would have come 12th on the London 2012  Olympic medal table.   I am hoping the implied overall level of county fitness will have rubbed off on me over the weekend.