ice cream, scones and other delights.

Our 3rd camping trip of the year took place at Delamere Forest on moversary weekend.  We were all very happy that Brent was able to join us too (especially Stella from what I could gather….).  We arrived at the campsite on Friday night, went for a little walk in the forest, had something to eat and a catch up and then went to bed.  I was dreading the weather on Saturday based on the forecast but the predicted heavy rain stayed away and we just had a few sprinkles during our 9 mile walk on the Sandstone Trail and through the forest.  We finished the walk at the Forest Park Visitors Centre to refuel.  I chose sustenance in the form of Butterscotch Crunch and Lemon Crunch ice cream contained within a waffle cone.  Oh my….

 delamere camping 2013-05-18 11.18.01

After quickly and quietly consuming veggie chilli that I’d brought along, we spent the evening discussing what a swivel-eyed loon was – an insult made by one member of the Conservative Party to another.  Other related insults were also discussed.  Very entertaining.

Sunday we got up early for another walk in the park.  This time, we headed up Old Pale for a view of 7 counties including Shropshire, Derbyshire and Yorkshire.  It was quite a shock to hear music blaring across the park from a loud speaker in preparation of the 5k Race for Life fun run that was planned for later in the day.   Not exactly the serene country walk I’d envisaged but rather entertaining all the same. We packed up and headed home gingerly in Frank as his suspension creaked and groaned – some work required there then!

2013-05-19 09.16.34 2013-05-19 10.17.39

This week I have been away at the Society for Radiological Protection’s Annual Conference which was held in Harrogate.  It was nice to catch up with some people and get to know others better.  I particularly enjoyed  my escape from a couple of lectures one afternoon with Robert to have a wander around the pretty spa town and have a trip to the famous Betty’s Tea Room ( for a scone and chat.  The conference dinner was in the Royal Hall which is Harrogate’s main theatre.  And although the after dinner speeches went on a bit, it was very neat to be seated amongst the grandeur of the theatre for our delicious 5 course meal.  

tea with robert 8890542321_51d80d4407_h

We have a long weekend here this weekend and Paul has got a weekend of DIY planned for us.  I am looking forward to spending time together after being away and also to (eventually) enjoying the fruits of our labour…;-)