I really want to do this in Frank….

So I submitted my RPA portfolio on Friday!  It’s done!  It took hours and hours and days of work but I got there in the end.  I posted it down to Devon… Apparently it can take 3-6 months for the assessors to decide whether or not you’ve provided sufficient evidence for them to determine you to be competent or not so fingers crossed please!  Now it’s all hands to the pump with the painting and decorating of Paul’s house before he sells it (hopefully).  It’s coming along now…. He’s been a busy man.

In other news, I resigned from my job a week or so ago now.  I finally had word that my pre-employment checks were complete for my new company – whose name is the same as that posh British car company! – so I’m looking forward to moving on and seeing what it is *really* all about…  Things are busy at work now as I’ve started doing a handover as well as trying to keep on top of the normal day to day work… I finish off my old job at the beginning of March and don’t start the new job until April.  A month off!  Hurray!  Think of what you could do in a month! Wink

I’ve been looking through some training stuff at work and I came across this.  It makes me laugh everytime.  I *so* want to do this in Frank…. obviously without causing any adverse consequences…