I love the Peaks!

Yes. It’s official. We spent this past weekend there and had another jaw dropping, awe inspiring exploration of the Peak District.

I met Paul at Buxton train station on Friday night and we headed down to our campsite which was quite neat. Brent would’ve approved. 😉 The pitches were really private and it was on the edge of a village called Monyash which had a nice pub which serviced us well.

Lathkill Dale 002
On Saturday, we discovered some old mine workings and shafts in Lathkill Dale – including one that the owner had built his house over top to disguise from would-be lead thieves. We also managed to make a new friend… After 11 miles walking in the fresh air, we came back to the van and both managed to have naps before dinner. I was quite obvious in my sleeping efforts but Paul’s dark sunglasses and nodding head didn’t fool me!

Lathkill Dale 033

The second day we walked 15 miles (including a couple of diversions both planned and unplanned)! The first diversion took us to Lud’s church which was this awesome chasm which I think is up there amongst the most amazing things I’ve ever seen. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lud’s_Church Apparently its over 100 metres long and 15 metres high in places and was used by Robin Hood and Bonnie Prince Charlie to hide from their enemies. The name comes from the fact that this place was used as a secret places of worship in the 15th century when people were being persecuted for religious beliefs. Check out the pictures.

Roaches & Luds Church 060 Roaches & Luds Church 063 Roaches & Luds Church 067
The next most amazing thing we came across on Sunday was the Roaches. It is a sandstone ridge that was lovely to walk along with lots of very large, unusually shaped rocks. The climbers were loving it. This name comes from the French word, roche, for rocks. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Roaches

Roaches & Luds Church 095 Roaches & Luds Church 093 Roaches & Luds Church 099

There’s a few things going on this week with one thing or another making it seem pretty busy. This weekend is one that we’re spending at home – the main undertaking will fall under the umbrella of preparing for my parents visit. It’s kind of funny because both Mum and I realise that there is usually a push to “get things done” before we visit each other. Always things that we were going to do anyways but its just the incentive to finish things off.  I’m very much looking forward to seeing them when they arrive in Birkenhead on the 17th of this month. It can’t come soon enough!