i love long weekends…

And unfortunately I find ours drawing to a close as I write.  But as far as long weekends go, this one was a good one with sufficient amounts of food, exercise, sleep and time with family and friends.

It started for me on Friday night with a meal with Helen and Harriet in Liverpool.  We ate lovely Indian food in the middle of some big thunderstorms and very heavy rain which made the drive home rather treacherous but I got there in the end.  (Call me a bit of a worrier, but when I saw big water geyser spouting out the side of the Wallasey tunnel (running under the river Mersey) while I was driving through it, I couldn’t think that it was a good thing and hurried on home….)

Saturday we hosted the Capenhurst pot luck circuit with a Canadian themed BBQ (which became known as the Canadian Caper).  This involved Poutine, Kraft Dinner, Nanaimo Bars, Butter Tarts and Moose Burgers!  There were also decorations (thanks to Joscelyn and Lauren’s help when we were in Canada!) and a Canadian quiz.  I enjoyed the evening and I think the other caper-ers did too!  Stella was very tired after the excitement of so many people in the house.

Sunday we went to see Jayne, Paul and the kids before they set off on their Euro Disney adventure. I felt really excited for them and their trip – so many firsts…. First trip on a plane, through the airport, through security, sleeping in bunk beds and of course all the Disney stuff.  Hope they have a great time and I look forward to hearing their stories when they come home.

The remainder of the weekend has involved catching up on much needed sleep, taking Stella on lots of walks while trying to dodge the rain and doing a bit of work in preparation for a busy week for me on that front with a trip up to Edinburgh.

I am also pleased to report that the updates from Canada about my Aunt June seem to be improving daily.  Of that I am very glad.