I like Ludlow

Our second camping trip of the year was to Ludlow in Shropshire and I have to say I was quite enamoured by the place… For me, it is quintessentially English.  The town is very pretty with lots of character in the buildings and streets… The surrounding countryside has rolling hills and pastures with sheep grazing.  If I needed to show a picture of England to someone who had never been, I think I would choose to show a picture of Ludlow.

We arrived on Friday night in great time after Paul managed to get away early from work.  It was warm enough to sit outside while he practiced his guitar… A guitar session on a camping trip – that was a first.


Saturday morning we had another first – our first thunderstorm in the van.  At about 6am, the van was lit up by a spectacular show of lightening as the thunder rumbled around.  That was something.

After the storm, we walked to a nearby forestry commission park before heading into the town centre where we browsed around the shops, had some ice cream and had a little look around the market.  Showers continued on and off for the day but we got a few really nice spells especially while we toured the castle…

P1070242  P1070222 P1070227 P1070246

On Sunday morning we left the campsite and stopped at Church Stretton for a walk in and around the Long Mynd.  The skies were very dramatic and the paths were really clear and good underfoot making for a very enjoyable walk.

P1070274-1  P1070271P1070261

I really enjoyed the weekend and am very glad we chose Ludlow as our destination.  I’m not sure we’ll be back too near in the future with so many other places on our list of places we want to go to but it certainly won’t be our last visit to Ludlow…