I *actually* took these….

I went on a photography course in Liverpool on Saturday which completely excited and inspired me.  It was run by www.perfectphotocompany.co.uk.  There were 9 other students and we had some classroom stuff to start with followed by a walking tour of the waterfront to practice our new skills.

On Saturday night after I got in, Paul humoured me by looking at the pictures I’d taken and listening to me talk about apertures and shutter speeds and lens and such things pretty much all night.  (Thank-you, Paul.) I was pleased with the pictures that I had:

P1010901 P1010909 P1020148

P1010918 - cropped P1020131 - croppedP1020073 P1010765 P1020136

I was so stimulated by the course, however, that unfortunately I had trouble sleeping Saturday night.  My lack of sleep caught up with me Sunday but I didn’t have a chance to think about it too much as we had Harriet and Helen and their families over for a BBQ.  Although it was more of an indoor affair due to the temperature and precipitation, it was great to see everyone and see the boys running about.  Stella was overly excited when they first arrived but quickly calmed down and then tried to find hiding places generally between the feet of adults.  I think she felt that adults were a bit safer and more predictable than little ones.

And it was on Sunday when we were able to exclaim, “One week to go!” in relation to Mum and Dad’s upcoming visit.  Hurray! Can’t wait.