How to eat 2 donuts consecutively and not feel guilty…

Walk 24 miles….

Well, that’s one reason anyways.  And it was the one I was able to use on Sunday when we completed the “That’s Lyth” challenge walk starting and finishing in Kendal.

The forecast wasn’t brilliant and after an 8am start and 4 hours of walking in wind and rain which at times felt like tiny daggers pelting your skin, the afternoon was much more accommodating.  I even got my camera out to take a  few shots…

P1040390-1 P1040406-1

We decided to make a weekend of the adventure and stayed at, “The Tiny B&B” in the centre of Kendal.  It suited us perfectly.  It was our own self contained ground floor apartment from which we could come and go as we pleased.  There were facilities for eating so we got fish and chips on Saturday and treated ourselves to a Thai takeaway after the walk on Sunday.  The B&B was in Dr. Mannings Yard with it’s cobbled street and oldie worldie cottages.  It felt like a bit of Victorian England – especially at night time.


We finished the walk in almost exactly 8 hours after a pretty heavenly stop for lunch.  We even have certificates to prove it.  I am glad we did it and felt a great sense of achievement (and relief!) when it was done but at times I felt I bit like I was being rushed around.  There were 300 other people doing the route either running or walking and it seemed there was always someone behind you pushing you on.  After the rigours of “That’s Lyth”, I am looking forward to an upcoming weekend away in the Peak District and some *gentler* walks that we can plan and execute at our own pace and on our own schedule.  🙂

So that’s one of my New Year’s goals complete – tick it off the list!