how old is Yogi…?

So my Mum told me a story a little while ago that I found rather amusing…

My Mum’s been going to yoga classes now for more than 35 years.  It’s a nice story, actually because the yoga classes that she goes to  are still held by the same instructor and the same core  group of ladies attend as did 35 years ago.  I think the  familiarity and friendship associated with that must be rather wonderful.  In the very early days of these classes, though, my Mum was pregnant with me.  However, she carried on going to the classes up until she was 8 months pregnant.  So now, when the instructor is trying to remember how long the group has been meeting, she asks my Mum, “How old is Yogi?”

Yogi is, of course, me.

So as this week saw another year added to the history of the yoga class, some celebrations were held.

It started on the weekend, actually, with a camping trip to the Peak District with Lauren, Davoud, Brent and Paul.  I felt like a princess all weekend as I was completely spoiled.  There were presents, a meal out, cake, frequent reminders of the occasion and most importantly the company of 4 very special people.  Thanks guys!  Party  We had some wonderful weather (even if it was a bit cold at night).   We went for a lovely, ~11 mile walk on Saturday right from our campsite up a local peak called Chrome Hill.  Here we are at the top having a *bar* break.

Birthday Peak District Weekend 016

I think the rest of the pictures speak for themselves…. I’m sure you’ll agree that we are justified in our decision to choose the Peak District again for future camping weekends away.

Birthday Peak District Weekend 012 Birthday Peak District Weekend 013 Birthday Peak District Weekend 020 Birthday Peak District Weekend 027 Birthday Peak District Weekend 031 Birthday Peak District Weekend 033

Even though we came home Sunday afternoon well in time for getting back to work on Monday, I decided to extend my weekend by taking Monday and Tuesday off.  Monday was a wonderful, laid back kind of day spent catching up on house jobs and my all time favourite luxury, an afternoon nap.  Tuesday I headed to Warrington to visit Helen and Owen.  In the morning I went to a social group for “Mums and Tots” and watched Owen play with an energy that made me feel very envious.  At lunchtime we met up with Harriet and Seamus and visited a lovely garden centre which served amazing food and had lovely things for sale.  I did lots of “Seamus bouncing” over lunch which was great because I hadn’t seen him since he was a lot smaller and it was nice to feel like I wasn’t going to break him when I held him!  When I got in I had some lovely phone calls (including a very exciting Skype video conversation with Katrina and Mia) and was spoiled (again) with more presents and cards.  A lovely time for me indeed.

So this work week has been short.  And this weekend we’re mostly sticking around home.  Looking forward to it.