how long since the last post….?

So it’s been a busy couple of weeks for one reason or other.  There was a last minute trip to London, the usual weekly Scotland trip x 2, a  weekend away and a day out in Liverpool to name a few.  So in more detail…

I ended up going to London for a meeting last week and was able to add in a visit with Brent while I was there.  It’s pretty easy to get to London on the train from Liverpool and is definitely more relaxing than driving.  The meeting was pretty easy too:  short and lacking in any unwanted drama.  An evening with Brent was a great bonus – we got caught up, ate pizza, watched Dawson’s Creek.  After my time in London I got on the train and headed all the way up to Carlisle for my few days in Scotland.

It was a quick turnaround when I got back home as Stella and I packed up and headed up to Cumbria for a few days in a cottage for Paul’s birthday.  (Happy Birthday, Paul!)  Paul came up on the train once he’d finished work.  The cottage was in a lovely little village and was really rather remote.

Here it is: Fell View.

And the view from it….


And here’s Stella enjoying the view….

We went on some nice walks over the weekend including some along the Hadrian’s wall foot path.  That was cool because every so often you stumble across an old signal tower or bit of the old remaining wall and sometimes a bit of information to go with it.  We also walked past Lanercost Priory – it emerged out of the mist as we walked across the fields.  Stella and I also walked along the River Eden when we arrived on Friday.  The upsides of the weekend were time together, fresh air, exercise and good food.  The big downside of the weekend was the very cold cottage.  The electric storage heaters were not really up to the job of heating it up in the winter time.  The woodburning stoves helped once we got them going but it still wasn’t great.  Stella has also been “in season” which means she can’t be off the lead in case she decides to run off and find a boyfriend….so I’m sure her downside of the weekend was that she wasn’t allowed to run free!

I stayed on in the cottage for my time at work up there…which seemed like a good idea at the time.  But the cold cottage coupled by the big emptiness when Paul and Stella went home wasn’t so fun.


The Liverpool bit was a moversary date day when we went over and had a wander around the shops, lunch out and went to see the mosaic floor in St. George’s Hall.  It is usually covered up and is only uncovered once every 3 years.  I’d never seen it before and it was impressive set in the backdrop of a very impressive room.  The organ a the end of the hall was stunning…. Just a lovely afternoon.

This weekend brings the continuation of Paul’s birthday celebrations on Sunday with his family visiting and the kids helping to make a cake to celebrate with.  Saturday night is another meal at Julie and Stuart’s with the puppies and Fred and Barbara.  Looking forward to catching up with that lot.

And it’s back to normal next week with the Monday – Wednesday trip up north and also some conversations to have about what happens at the end of March when my contract of working up there finishes.  I look forward to hearing about the types of things I might get a chance to get involved in….