house of horrors

Well it’s been a bit of an interesting week this week with the work in the kitchen.  Electricity has been the main foe but I think we’re moving forward now.  The very end seems to be a long way away still but I hope by the end of the week we’re back to some sort of semblance of order – especially since Brent is coming to stay for the weekend.  Yeah!  The plasterer finishes today and that’s the main messy bit of the work done.  Stella’s bed is usually in the kitchen but because of the mess and tools lying about, new sleeping arrangements (the hallway) have been put into place.  I woke up to the clicking of canine toe nails on the floor boards of our bedroom on Saturday night causing me some confusion in my sleepy state. I don’t know why Stella decided to go exploring at 3:30am (sleep walking?) but from now on the gate at the bottom of the stairs will be firmly closed. 😉

So some pictures of the kitchen:


On Friday night I went out for a nice meal with Harriet and Helen and we had a good catch up.  We had dinner at the Riverhill Hotel ( which has the claim to fame that the chef Claire Lara is a winner of the TV programme Masterchef.  It’s just around the corner so Paul and I tried to get in for New Year’s Eve after my experience there but they are all sold out.  On Saturday we went to see Robert and Andy and had a lovely meal amongst friends – there were 12 of us all together.  The conversation was much more interesting then you would expect considering the nature of what brought us together (at least one member of each couple is a Health Physicist).

In between that we did some rearranging of the house to accommodate the expanding gym.  The reason for the gym expansion is because I won’t be going as much to my gym near the office with being based pretty much full time at Capenhurst for the next year.  It’s been nice to see everyone again and I’m glad to be back.  The work is a bit different so I don’t feel like I’m taking a backwards career step and I’m also very busy which is good too.

Here are some pictures of the “new” guest bedroom and gym: