horseshoes, gingerbread and maps…

We just got home after a week walking in the Lakes.  I love being there – Cumbria will always be a special place for us.

Over the week, we walked more than 60 miles.  We stayed in a few different campsites: Paul’s favourite was the one on the shores of Derwentwater.  It was great because it was within walking distance of Keswick and we were able to start our walks from the van.  My favourite was Eskdale.  Although it was the wettest part of the trip, we had a great little pitch sheltered from the worst of the weather, we tried out our awning for the first time….and it seems the site was a bit of a mecca for orange vans!  Always a good thing!

Lord's Seat & Barf 019

Here’s a list of some of the other trip highlights:

  • Favourite treat: Grasmere gingerbread.  As per last year.  You can’t beat it.
  • Favourite quote: “Gerrrrtttttiiiieeee” (to be read like a baa-ing sheep)
  • Favourite query: “Have you seen my teddy?” A question posed to me by a toddler at the campsite in Windermere.  (I hadn’t, by the way but I did keep my eye out from that point forward….;-)
  • Scenery most like a movie set: At the south end of Derwentwater = Jurassic Park.
  • Biggest diversion required: The one made during a walk to avoid a collapsed road bridge.  The bridge was one of the casualties of the flooding in the area last October.
  • Best pack lunch: must have been the one received by the tiny baby who was getting breast fed on the side of Sale Fell!
  • Favourite evening meal: Thai takeaway, Keswick
  • Best purchase: A new, non-leaking map case….albeit a day too late.
  • Favourite walk: Kentmere Horseshoe.
  • Longest walk: Coledale Horsehoe at 15.5 miles
  • Number of horseshoe walks walked: 4.
  • Walk with the biggest change in elevation: Lorton and Whinlatter fells at ~4000ft.  Lots of ups and downs!
  • The thing that made me laugh the most: The thought of walking around the mountains with a big, wall sized relief map to guide the way (It was at the end of the 15 mile walk and I was very tired at the time….as Paul summarises well, “You lost the plot!”…..)

And here are some pictures from our walks.  Very easy to see why we love it there, I think….

Kentmere Horseshoe 007 Ambleside Walk 002 Coledale Round & Derwentwater 017Coledale Round & Derwentwater 031  Coledale Round & Derwentwater 026 Coledale Round & Derwentwater 028