We spent our honeymoon staying in a lovely cottage called Wood Barn just outside the village of Boot in Eskdale.  It was perfect, really.  It was up a little lane way surrounded by some farm buildings with a couple of little ponies at the bottom of the garden.  It was pretty remote and there was no mobile phone reception.   That bit – once we got used to it – was really nice.  It had a lovely open plan living/eating space which was nice and social and the patio doors looked out to the open fell.

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The weather forecast was a bit changeable so we tried to take advantage of the dry times.  This meant an early get up the first morning for a walk to Eel Tarn.  There were quite a lot of stone peat stores on the fell side in the area.  These were used by local people in the past as an interim store for peat.  The fuel was brought into these stores in the summer months so it was closer for use in the farms and cottages during the winter ones.

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The second day we tried to get to the top of Scafell but had to turn back because we weren’t prepared for the snow and ice that was covering the ground near to the top.  We almost made it (<200 yards to go….) and it was still a enjoyable walk and definitely a good bit of exercise.

Honeymoon Day 2 013

We didn’t go out in the evenings of our stay and enjoyed hanging out, listening to music, making nice food and just being together.  We were sad to have to pack up and leave the cottage on the Saturday morning.

We didn’t have to go far though – just to the nearest campsite a quarter of a mile down the road.  This was the inaugural camping night of the season! We had a walk in the afternoon and went out for a meal in the evening to the Brook House.  One of our wedding gifts from my Mum’s friends Pat and Ewart had been money towards this meal so that was a lovely treat.  I had pigeon salad for my starter.  I’ve never eaten pigeon before but did enjoy it.

On Sunday morning we went to church in the parish we’d been married in.  It was the main Sunday service of the day which was lead by the minister who married us.  We got a special mention in the announcements and even had a prayer said for us.  We took some wedding cake with us and shared it in the coffee morning after the service.  One of the things I enjoyed about the frequent trips to Cumbria before the wedding to establish membership in the church was becoming part of this lovely community.

We got back home Sunday afternoon and started to catch up with the family and friends that we hadn’t spoken too since the big day.   That was nice – we got to tell the wedding story over and over again. Wink

My only complaint was that it went by way too fast.  If I was able to travel through time, my first jump (and most frequent subsequent jumps) would be to go back to the hotel from the night before the wedding and live these few days over and over again.