holiday countdown…

The long, bank holiday weekend which has just passed began with afternoon tea with Emily in Manchester on Friday.  This has become our new monthly(ish) routine and one which I’m quite happy about.  We get caught up, I’ve seen work on her house progress and we’ve had a chance to try out a few of Manchester’s very nice tea room style establishments.   On Saturday it was a DIY day for us followed by a very exciting visit from Chris Kozak and his wife Fran – Chris and I went to McMaster together and studied Chemistry.   We figured it had been about 9 years since we’d seen each other when they got married.  We had a nice meal at the Boathouse in Parkgate and pancakes for breakfast the next day.  I particularly liked going through the pictures of our Mac classmates and reminiscing.

On Sunday we met Fred, Barbara, Dave, Robert and Andy for a walk followed by a BBQ at Fred’s.  I laughed a lot as I usually do when I spend time with those guys.  I wonder when I worked at Capenhurst with them how we got any work done!

On Monday we got up early and went to see the new Batman movie at Cheshire Oaks.  The 10am showing.  I was glad we’d made the effort to get there early because when we were coming out, the traffic around Cheshire Oaks was hotting up in bank holiday style fashion.  Any later would likely have been gridlock.  There is no disputing that Batman is cool but I have to say I was disappointed with the movie.  It was entertaining enough in parts but I did get a bit bored and the whole nuclear thing was a bit annoying.

On the home front, things are progressing with the kitchen.   The next big phase of the work is the plastering so we are waiting for calls to come in about when and how much for that.  After a big clean up from the building work, we are able to sit and eat in the new room and are already getting used to the space.  Stella didn’t seem very impressed about her new bedroom at first but seems to have settled back into it well now.

So it’s now just one week to go before the start of my 2 weeks holiday.  There is one week away and then another week with my parents visiting.  I am excited about both….

For our week away we are going camping in South Wales.  I have never been before so I am looking forward to beautiful coasts and the Brecon Beacons National Park.  I hope it stays mostly dry while we’re away and as the summer has been the wettest in the UK for 100 years according to reports, I figure we must be due for a dry autumn.

When Mum and Dad are here we are going to stay mostly locally on the Wirral and explore the usual haunts.  We do have a lunch time concert booked at the Liverpool Philharmonic for a bit of culture though.  Fish and chips is on the menu as is a trip to The Anchor.

The countdown is on!