Hog Induction

My task yesterday was to document Wirral Animal Sanctuary Hedgehog’s Rescue first volunteer training day. The Sanctuary is just in the process of setting up a dedicated facility to care for sick and injured hedgehogs.

Wow – so many people turned out to put themselves forward to help out these prickly little guys. Although I was busy with my camera, I still learnt some stuff. Here’s 5 hedgehog facts that have stuck in my head…

1. A hedgehog outside during the day is not sunbathing. They are nocturnal animals and more than likely that hedgehog needs some help.

2. A hedgehog’s eyesight isn’t great because their eyes are adapted for night-time vision – they rely largely on the sense of hearing and the sense of smell.

3. Hedgehog’s are noisy eaters who snuffle and grunt through mealtimes.

4. A hedgehog will visit many gardens within about a mile radius over the course of it’s evening rounds.

5. Looking at hedgehog poo is a good way to figure out how a hedgehog is feeling! Lovely! 😉

I think of it as a privilege to be able to get so close to these little creatures that normally are out under the cover of darkness doing their thing. If you want to help out, the best place to start is on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/washogsrescue/

Here’s a few of the pictures I took.